Truesite Site Scanning Services

Reduce Risk with 3D Site Verification

Truesite leverages the latest laser scanning technologies to measure and model existing conditions at every project stage.

Shorten site verification time by 75%

Truesite’s services mitigate risk, empowering your team to make informed decisions and save time.

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Traditional Measurement**

The prime consultant sends multiple staff to the site to measure and take pictures.

The prime consultant begins modelling existing conditions.

Several key measurements were missed, staff return to the site to measure.

The coordination model is complete and shared with the rest of the consultant team for coordination.

The coordination model doesn’t align with the other consultants’ measurements—more coordination meetings.

The amended coordination model is issued, and design work begins.

Construction is set to begin; materials are being delivered to the job site, and it’s been discovered that the span of a new steel beam needed for the open floor plan is much wider than expected. A change order is required; the project schedule is now off track.

The additional span has impacted other trades and their materials, resulting in more change orders. Work is stopped to identify other cascading effects.

After a daunting 82 days of back and forth site visits and change orders you’re still not 100% confident on your site data and accuracy of your construction.

Truesite Solutions

Truesite scans most projects in a single day.

Services begin with documenting site conditions with state-of-the-art lidar instruments, capturing millions of points in three-dimensional surfaces within line-of-sight.

Truesite delivers a millimetre-accurate 3D point cloud that can be imported into any modern CAD/BIM platform for reference anytime.

QA Inspection comparing the point cloud scan and the newly created BIM model to ensure tolerance is compliant with requirements and take corrective action as required.

Truesite delivers a BIM model at LOD300, kick-starting the consultant team with an accurate model and a snapshot digital record of existing conditions to reference at any time. No return site visits, no human error, fewer change orders.

In just 15 days your team can have accurate models that will eliminate unnecessary site visits and ensure a smooth design and construction process.

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Truesite Site Scanning Services

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**Comparison is based on traditional project results and may vary depending on scope and complexity.