Truesite Site Scanning Services

Site Verification

Tired of lengthy site visits, site photos without context, and missed measurements? Optimize your site verification process with the use of 3D laser scanning technology.   Truesite offers a safe and efficient solution that surpasses traditional measurement methods in speed and accuracy. With cutting-edge equipment, we capture millions of data points in a matter of seconds, […]

Surface Inspection

With the high precision and accuracy of 3D laser scans, the surface geometry of any object (horizontal or vertical) can be analyzed to detect deviations from the desired surface specifications, such as levelness, flatness, slope, cracks and surface roughness, or other defects.  Common Applications  Quality control: Surface inspections can validate the quality of finished surfaces, […]

As-Built Models

Are your as-built plans a physical set of redline drawings sitting in a basement, possibly in a puddle?  Truesite’s point clouds and meshes capture all physical aspects of the building, including its geometry, materials, and systems. They can be used as-is for as-built documentation, converted to an as-built BIM model or used for future reference.   […]